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Innovation & Creativity

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  • InsightsLab®

The InsightsLab®

InsightsLab® is a facilitated, deep-dive into consumer insights (from the Exploration stage) designed to achieve breakthrough solutions to your marketing challenges.

The InsightsLab® has been used for the following types of projects:

  • Opportunity/unmet needs exploration
  • New marketing programs and strategic plans
  • New product development
  • Product naming

The process starts with an extensive up-front interview with the meeting sponsors to define and clarify the objectives, participants, agenda, creative processes and deliverables.

Key benefits of using this approach to solve tough organizational challenges are:

  • Group consensus around complex issues
  • Many breakthrough or "out-of-the-box" ideas
  • Dramatic reduction of debates and tangents that
    do not focus on the challenge
  • Reduction of meeting time
  • Equal participation by all group members
  • Faster group decision making

Duration: The InsightsLab® projects we facilitate are typically half or full-day sessions, and sometimes longer, depending upon the scope of the project.

Group size: Depending upon the project, ideal group size is between five to nine, or sub-groups of that size.

InsightsLab® Case Study
Uncovering Unmet Needs and Generating New Product Concepts

The Challenge: A major issuer of credit cards wanted to uncover the unmet and under-served needs of credit card customers and prospects. And, they needed an ideation session to generate new product offerings appealing to the Hispanic consumer.

The Solution: Wellspring Insights & Innovation conducted in-home interviews with married couples in Chicago and Los Angeles to assess their values and financial desires, and observed them completing various financial tasks. We produced a research documentary from the filmed ethnographies, and facilitated an on-site InsightsLab® session using the film as the "raw data."

The Insights: Representatives from new product development, channel development, brand and marketing generated dozens of new product ideas with breakthrough potential, and they found new ways to connect their brand in relevant, emotional ways to the Hispanic experience.

Meaningful innovation

Meaningful innovation enables companies to develop highly effective product innovation strategies and pipelines - for products, services and communications - specifically for their Hispanic consumers. Using Meaningful innovation, your team will dramatically improve its chances for success when it needs to:

  • Grow share in the Hispanic market
  • Turn around an existing brand in decline
  • Disrupt a current or new market
  • Optimize your customer's experience

Using our proven suite of creative Meaningful innovation tools, one of our financial services clients developed 250 brand new ideas, whittled that down to twelve concepts, and then optimized and launched seven inspired new services for their Hispanic customers.

Star SCOPE the project
  • Stakeholders
  • Goals
  • Watch-Outs
TRIGGER the opportunity
  • Consumer Immersion
  • Consumer Understanding
  • Fresh Insights
AD-LIB new ideas
  • Innovation Platforms for NPD and Comms
  • Concept Development
REFINE the proposition
  • Experience & Evaluation
  • Proposition Crafting
  • Optimization
'STRATEGIZE and launch
  • Communications Concepts
  • Packaging Concepts
  • Naming

With every Meaningful innovation project, our five-step process inspires new thinking, uncovers fresh insights, identifies unmet needs, develops and optimizes new product concepts, packaging and communications. All of which helps you achieve maximum speed to market with the right products for the growing Hispanic market. Wellspring Insights & Innovation has helped blue-chip brands better understand their Hispanic customers for over 20 years. Our bilingual, bicultural staff have worked on the client, agency and supplier sides and are trained in facilitation, creative problem solving and innovation by the Creative Problem Solving Institute, the Center for Creative Leadership and Leadership Strategies.