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Consumer Anthropology

  • InsightsMax®
  • Ethnography
  • Longitudinal Qualitative Panels (LQPs)


  • Traditional & Online Focus Groups IDI’s
  • Hybrid Studies


  • Strategic & Evaluative Studies

InsightsMax® from Wellspring Insights & Innovation is a proven, "deep dive" research methodology to help you explore your customers world. When you need to...

  • Reacquaint yourself with your customers
  • Conduct a consumer immersion or create a 360° consumer profile video for your brand team
  • Put together a new brief for an agency pitch
  • Drive innovation with new ideas directly from your customers
  • Gain a deeper understanding of a particular segment
  • Or simply conduct some creative, in-depth qualitative research

...InsightsMax® is a powerful learning tool.

A series of in-depth, in-situ interviews (in-home, on-premise, shopalongs, etc.) and observational research is followed by a series of 3-hour, facilitated maxi-groups. With up to 18 respondents arranged at three tables of six, the maxi-groups are co-facilitated by three Wellspring Insights & Innovation facilitators, and often include clients and outside experts as participants.

In the maxi-groups we use many creative techniques for getting at deep, emotional insights such as:

  • Large collage building exercises
  • Ideation exercises and list generation
  • Visual Explorer® metaphor elicitation
  • Personal Values exercises
  • Individual and team story telling

Our approach provides many benefits to the end-user of the rich, contextual, multi-media data and insights that are uncovered in InsightsMax® studies. To learn more and view a highlight reel culled from past InsightsMax® projects, please visit InsightsMax.com.



Call it "commercial ethnography," "immersive fieldwork" or "dirty ethnography" to us it boils down to how people interact with products and brands in their cultural context. An ethnographic research approach paints a unique, "insider’s view." conducting qualitative research in-context - in a grocery store, bar, or somebody’s kitchen - provides an opportunity to walk in the customers’ shoes. At Wellspring Insights & Innovation we may observe, interview, assign homework assignments such as diaries, collages or videos - or do them all within a single project. It all depends upon your research needs and objectives.

Wellspring Insights & Innovation offers customized ethnographic approaches within our qualitative research practice which help us refine our instincts about brands and consumers. We’ll cook, clean, hit the clubs for a night out, or even take a Caribbean cruise if it will help us understand your customer better. We take our own video footage and produce our own research "consumer documentaries" in-house, and provide strong analytical thinking to support it. This is why our offer is more than just video clips, it’s a complete package.

Contact Wellspring Insights & Innovation to receive a complimentary, 5-minute demonstration "consumer documentary."

Longitudinal Qualitative Panels (LQPs)

Longitudinal Qualitative Panels (LQPs) provide deep insights into evolving consumer perceptions and behaviors. Wellspring Insights & Innovation conducts LQPs (6 to 12 months long) consisting of 20 or 30 households in a given market. Panels create deeper rapport between the researchers, clients and panelists and breakthrough insights are assured through a mix of research activities; ethnographic research - observe them cook, shop, do the bills, bank online, change diapers, throw a party, plan a vacation, etc. - homework and tasks, focus groups, dyads, triads, in-homes, peer groups, kids parties and more. LQPs can be a standing research resource for the client.

Qualitative Research... Beyond the Q&A Format

Having conducted thousands of focus groups and In-Depth Interviews, Wellspring Insights & Innovation is highly experienced at helping clients develop strategic research plans to disclose their consumers’ insights effectively.

We believe that in order to get at the emotional and rational, qualitative research must break away from a logic-driven, question and answer format that yields rationalized responses. Our moderators are experts at gaining deeper insights by tapping into your respondents’ creative, emotional side.

Hybrid Studies

Hybrid studies that involve multiple methodologies — such as in-home interviews combined with ethnography — are an excellent way to get at the "total experience" and uncover the emotional + rational experience.

We recently conducted research among low-income families that included pre-interview homework (two weeks worth of grocery shopping receipts and photographs of family meal times), an in-depth interview focused on shopping behavior and attitudes, and an accompanied shopping trip.

In the interviews, the respondents explained how they had to "shop on a budget" and "make do" - the rational. The shopping trips, however, revealed how many were terribly frustrated - the emotional — with their inability to buy what they and their families wanted, and how the products were not meeting their needs.

The photographs of the family meal times gave us rich insights into their desire — the emotional — to please their family. Had we only conducted the interview, we would have thought that the important issue was the rational "shopping on a budget."

Strategic & Evaluative Studies

Wellspring Insights & Innovation excels at quantitative studies to guide your marketing strategy, such as:

  • Awareness and Usage Studies
  • Brand Image Studies
  • Segmentation Studies

In addition, we conduct Evaluative Studies, which help you refine your marketing tactics. 

These include:
  • Communications and Concept Testing
  • Copy Testing
  • Product and Packaging Testing
  • Advertising Tracking