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Qualitative Research

  • Traditional & Online focus groups IDI’s

Quantative Research

  • Hybrid Qualitative & Quantative
  • Copy Testing

Qualitative Research... Beyond the Q&A Format

Having conducted thousands of focus groups and In-Depth Interviews, Wellspring Insights & Innovation is highly experienced at helping clients develop strategic research plans to disclose their consumers’ insights effectively.

We believe that in order to get at the emotional and rational, qualitative research must break away from a logic-driven, question and answer format that yields rationalized responses. Our moderators are experts at gaining deeper insights by tapping into your respondents’ creative, emotional side.

Hybrid qualitative and quantitative

Often, the best way to maximize your spend and reducing the time to market is to complete a Hybrid qualitative and quantitative study. This format requires a Maxi-Group (100-150 participants), in a theater-style testing environment using keypad technology to gauge real-time reactions. Generally, respondents are shown individual concepts (for communications, packaging or new products) and are asked to rate their likes and dislikes as the concepts unfold. This interactive process allows the client and research team to quickly evaluate overall effectiveness and identify key strengths and weaknesses. Because this is an adaptive process, the client has the ability to pose alternative variations in real-time, thus offering additional refinements.

At the end of the Quantitative Assessment, 10 respondents are withheld for a 30-minute Focus Group. The Moderator then probes to better understand the "whys" of the strengths and weaknesses of the communications or concepts.

Copy Testing

From an advertising perspective, Copy Testing is often the main research vehicle to ensure on-target messaging. Wellspring Insights & Innovation is well equipped to meet all your Copy Testing needs, including TV, print, radio, newspaper, and billboard.

Advertisements. We evaluate performance and assess how to optimize and facilitate go/no go decisions. This evaluation includes a comprehensive review of execution and key elements, impact of brand registration, message comprehension, response and motivation, and cultural sensitivity.