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  • John Holcombe,


Contact Information

John Holcombe


As President, John has helped Wellspring Insights & Innovation grow to be a powerful, full-service research firm. John specializes in both quantitative and qualitative research, bringing 16 years of research and strategic development experience for both domestic and international clients.

"I really enjoy helping my clients solve complex marketing challenges. Each project presents a new challenge, and today we have so many exciting ways to gather deep consumer insights. Sometimes it’s like writing a song - at some point you have to stop designing the project and simply get out and do it."

- John Holcombe

Special Expertise
  • Quantitative research
  • Domestic and international moderator (RIVA trained)
Past Experience
  • Director of Strategic Planning & Research, BBDO Miami
  • Director of Quantitative Research, Market Facts, Inc. (now Synovate)
  • RIVA Moderator training
  • Ongoing Advanced Facilitation training – Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI)


What are Wellspring Insight & Innovation’s strengths
  • Developing "Insights" with a capital "I"
  • Storytelling to create an impact in your organization
  • Inspiring and aligning your team to move forward
  • Creative Problem Solving to help you get un-stuck
What are Wellspring Insight & Innovation’s areas of expertise
  • Consumer anthropology and exploratory research for the front end of innovation
  • Ethnography and longitudinal panels
  • Facilitation
  • Communications testing, including concept, positioning, and advertising testing
  • New product concept and packaging testing
  • Multicultural, international research
What makes Wellspring Insights & Innovation’s uniquely qualified?

Innovative, Customized Solutions: All of our clients work directly with one of the principals at Wellspring Insights & Innovation. We provide each client with an innovative, custom research solution - designed and executed by an Wellspring Insights & Innovation principal - to meet their objectives.

Master-level Training: We believe in lifelong learning, and training for our moderators. We believe that as researchers we must acquire new skills and adapt to the ever-changing conditions in the world of marketing research. Wellspring Insights & Innovation has two moderators on-staff who have achieved RIVA’s Master Moderator Certification™. Our staff regularly receives training in Creative Problem Solving and Facilitation at the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI), and we have received additional training in facilitation from Leadership Strategies.

Extensive Experience: Our staff comes from diverse backgrounds in both their personal and professional experience. We have a unique perspective within the industry, having experienced the client-side and supplier-side; working with major multinational corporations, advertising agencies and marketing research companies.

Wellspring Insights & Innovation has moved into new corporate offices located at:

2512 Swanson Ave.
Miami, FL 33133

Tel. (305) 439-1077

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Please email us at john@wellspringinsight.com for further information.